Grocery has always stood apart from other areas of the retail industry, and this equally applies to online retailing. Find out some of the steps to take towards creating a successful online grocery business in our latest video that looks at advanced options for shopping cart functionality.

The main difference between grocery shopping and other forms of retail is the way that customers interact with products. In a typical online shopping cart, such as from a clothes or technology shop, customers will have on average between one and three products. When shopping for groceries online, however, those same customers will have fifteen to twenty-five products in their cart. So, when building a shopping cart for your online grocery business, you need to make sure that it can cope with a large number and variety of products.

Not only that, customers will often place similar or even identical products in their cart each week. It is essential, therefore, that the shopping cart is able to remember customer preferences such as which cuts of meat they want or what colour bananas they like. This reduces the time a customer is required to shop and improves customer satisfaction.

With that in mind, here are some innovations that we at emporix have implemented into our shopping carts to improve the online shopping experience:

  1. Order from your last order

With customers often buying exactly the same products each week, ‘order from your last order’ allows them to put a whole previous order in the cart in just one click.

2. Maintain a shopping list

Maintaining a shopping list allows customers to save their favourite items onto a virtual shopping list. This allows them to either place them into the cart one at a time or even in one go. Their preferences, such as green bananas or a middle cut of beef, are also stored on the shopping list, meaning they always get exactly what they want.

3. Subscriptions

For customers who regularly shop for the same items every week, they can set up a subscription. This allows customers to set up a weekly delivery of the same items on a day and time that suits them without returning to the website each week.

If you would like to find out more about shopping cart features or any aspect of online groceries, please get in touch here.